Baobab Hibiscus Powder 300g


4 Tablespoons (24g) per day.

Bao-Hibiscus Superblend is pale creamy pink in colour with a rosy-tangy flavour.
Add Baobab Hibiscus Superblend to smoothies, breakfast porridge and stir into yogurt for an extra healthy boost. Also use in sweet and savoury dishes to add colour and flavour.


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We have boosted baobab with hibiscus to create a super-nutritious blend. Baobab is rich in vitamin C and dietary fibre which is excellent for immunity and gut health. Hibiscus is packed with polyphenols and flavonoids and acts as a powerful antioxidant. For centuries both hibiscus and baobab have been used as food and in traditional medicine. This super-blend brings the best of both extracts together.

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300g, 80g, Capsules

2 reviews for Baobab Hibiscus Powder 300g

  1. Mbavhalelo Ramovha

    I’m absolutely loving it! You guys might be wondering how am I’m going to use it? I am going to try every single recipe on this website!

    Mbavhalelo Ramovha
  2. Mariska Benade

    Delicious and zingy to go in my morning smoothie and I love this brand for my superfoods. It looks like there is some good recipes to try with it, on this website!

    Mariska Benade
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