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About Us

BaoActive is all about baobab. That’s what makes us unique.  We love baobabs and the wonder of baobabs.  Baobabs, scientifically called Adansonia digitata, are gigantic ancient trees that dot the African landscape.  They produce large capsule-like fruit which dry out when ripe allowing the fruit to be stored for months.  Inside the fruit is a highly nutritious dry powder pulp which is what we call baobab powder.  It is an extraordinary healthy fruit, containing high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. We guarantee that our BaoActive baobab powder comes straight out of the pod without processing or additives.

What does


do for the community?

BaoActive is a brand owned EcoProducts which is situated in Limpopo Province and is South Africa’s only producer of baobab powder. Working closely with hundreds of rural women, EcoProducts provides a lifeline to marginalized people who, are able to support their families and children through the harvesting of baobab fruit.  In addition to the economic benefits, EcoProducts supports the Baobab Foundation which is deeply involved in conservation and social upliftment projects in the rural communities where the baobab fruit is harvested.  Please read all about their wonderful projects here and remember that every BaoActive product sold supports this initiative.



Our passion extends to everything we do including making sure that we understand and communicate correct and factual information about our products.  The nutritional and health benefits of baobab, moringa and hibiscus are informed by published scientific studies and laboratory reports from accredited institutions.  Every product is produced under the strictest hygiene conditions and is certified organic, halal and kosher.

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